Your Journey in and around Monchique


The Monchique mountains are a walking paradise par excellence? It is located in a protected natural area,the Serra de Monchique,and is endowed with a rich flora and fauna. That's why it is called "Garden of the Algarve".

Het It is certainly "A MUST" to take on the legandary Caldas de Monchique route during one of your walks.The Jugendstil spa resort Caldas de Monchique is located in a lush green valley with still flowing springs. It has been famous since Roman times for its healing water springs with a temperature of about 33 ° Celsius


Monchique has six very varied walks.
Green terraces that remind of days gone by when rice was grown here, to rocky gorges with splashing waterfalls and fertile valleys.


The Serra de Monchique has two mountain peaks: Foia (905 meters), the highest point in the Algarve, and Picota (775 meters). The picturesque mountain town of Monchique lies between these two peaks. This town has an important regional function as a center for horticulture, crafts and sales of regional products.


Algarve a golf destination?
The Algarve is known as one of the most attractive regions in Europe to play golf. The region has many high-quality golf courses, mostly developed by renowned golf architects.

The Algarve is famous for its golden beaches with spectacular sandstone rock formations, cliffs and caves. In many places you can take a boat trip to view all the beautiful things from the water. Famous are Praia da Rocha (beach of the rocks), Praia da Marinha and Praia Dona Ana.
The enchantingly beautiful cave at the small beach of Praia de Benagil deserves a place of honor. Nature has created an impressive natural shelter with a wide view of the ocean. The round curves and the view through the blue sky give it a mystical, almost extraterrestrial atmosphere. A special place that is also very popular with photographers.

Located about 250 meters above sea level, in a beautiful valley of the Serra de Monchique, amidst lush vegetation and beautiful sunlight, this spa is an oasis of tranquility and a true paradise for anyone visiting it.

A century before the birth of Christ, the waters of Monchique were already greatly appreciated as a treatment for physical and mental fatigue by the Romans, who called them "holy waters", as evidenced by the numerous important archaeological finds made in the area around the thermal springs of Monchique.