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"Casa Do Sol" the most beautiful place under the Portuguese sun !! That was clear to me. And now, in 2020, a lot of work has been done, all the dust has been pulled up ,the garden is restored and the slogan does justice to "Casa Do Sol". And not only "Casa Do Sol " but the entire Western Algarve.

My first encounter with the Western Algarve and in particular with Monchique was about 10 years ago. From my arrival I felt at home here and I fell in love. In love with the land, with the specific scent of the blossoms of the orange and almond trees that intoxicate the entire Algarve, with the simple but very honest Portuguese cuisine, with the sea with its many shades of color, with the long sandy beaches ,with the mountains and with the enormous warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese themselves.


Many of our guests are curious about the story behind Casa Do Sol, about how we ended up here and why. I would like to tell you more about this in the next blog.

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