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Indian Head massage -


Total relaxation




Using natural oils the aim is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders using a range of different movements.

40 min. massage 30€


Back pain is often a result of psychological stress, (work) stress or a poor posture behind the computer, for example. Pain is a signal from your body that there is too much tension.

So time for a massage!

By applying tension or pressure to the muscles, they are massaged loosely, blood flow is stimulated and the collected waste is removed. The back massage can sometimes be painful, but will eventually have a relaxing effect and restore the flow.
Certified masseuse since 2012, specialized in complaints handling of neck / shoulder / back.
1.00 hour massage € 40

A non-invasive treatment with gentle movements over muscles and tendons. it is extremely relaxing and helps the body regain balance and restore itself by releasing tension at a very deep level. Bowen sets the scene for the body to heal itself, it does not try to force the body to change; rather, it requires the body to recognize and make the changes necessary to bring it back to homeostasis (physiological balance). Effective for back pain, migraine, frozen shoulder and other muscle disorders, as well as emotional stress, where relaxation is the most important factor in relieving pain and anxiety.
1.00 hour massage € 40

In our society there appears to be a great need for more relaxation and concentration. Man desires to come to himself, to discover who he really is and what is really important in life.
Individual Retreats
Every individual needs help in their life at some point to fully explore the meaning of their existence. You may feel that you are stuck in the same patterns, or that you have a new development in your life that causes pain or stress. Whatever your problem, we can tailor a therapy approach to assist you in discovering your Self.




Long-term relationships require care, attention and honesty. By communicating with someone in a safe space to facilitate the discussion, you and your partner can delve into problems, discover new ways of connecting and learn healthy, constructive ways to overcome differences.
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